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Batch 2011:

DJ Angel

The nicest Angel on air.

Batch 2012:

DJ Jade

Your soul sister

DJ Nate

He ain't black, but he's the closest thing.

DJ Tera

Probably manlier than you.

Batch 2013:

DJ Anna

Serving you the sickest beats and the sweetest tunes, she's a real treat on-air.

DJ Ian

My bulbasaur has thunderbolt.

DJ Kaira

She's all about that bass, no trouble.

DJ Kenneth

Brotato, BroHipster and BroHigh.

DJ Marj

Never runs out of tank tops.

DJ Nikole

She got it from her momma.

DJ Quinn

Part dork, part feminist, part Southern. No, my music is not "hobo music".

Batch 2014:

DJ Adie

Fueled by coffee, good vibes guaranteed.

DJ Franny

Mermaid on land and on air.

DJ Jappy

Possibly "more buffer pa" than you.

DJ Jules

Secretly a Unicorn.

DJ Mav

I don't need no institution, my wit can start a revolution, I'm the one and true solution, beats and talk collide with fusion, so before a rude intrusion, my rap's come to a conclusion.

DJ Morgan

I'm the fine line between naughty and nice.

DJ Raco

He's not the DJ you need, but he's the DJ you deserve.

DJ Renée

You can't handle this bad girl 2k14 even if she came with instructions.

DJ Sam

Taking you to another space and time.

DJ Sashi

In Green Giant, senpai notices you.

DJ Stephy

The illegitimate love-child of whoseits, whatnots and whatchamacallits.

DJ Tiago

Created in a laboratory with a mixture of sugar, spice, and extra rice.

DJ Yana

I specialize in burping and armpit farts.

Non-Boarding DJs:

DJ Arby

The boy next door...if you live in a bad neighborhood. Dont let that beard fool you, he's a softie with a sprinkle of weird.

DJ Cayle

Your friendly neighborhood mexican wolverine.

DJ Derek

One of the loudest people you'll ever meet! His crazy personality in combination with his wittiness and charm is what makes this DJ and all around type of guy.

DJ Jeff

Jack-of-all trades. Proud "hipster" or whatever you call it.

DJ Monique

Bringin' the heat, and rockin' the beat.

DJ Rafa

Has more pairs of socks in his collection than you can shake a stick at.

DJ Tori

You can tell her mood from the color of her lipstick.

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