Wanna be a real live DLSU Radio DJ? Well look no further and sign up for DLSU Radio Green Giant FM. At the start of every school year, we take in hundreds of DLSU students who wanna live their dreams and become DJs at DLSU. Every batch of finalists go through a month long training program and those who make the cut become official GG DJs. So what are you waiting for??? Join the next DJ Hunt and be heard!
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Non stop talking not for you? Got an ear for great music? Then sign up for GGFM's audio pool! The taste behind the playlists and the techies that keep the station running, our audio team makes sure everything that goes on air, including the songs, are up to date, smooth and beautiful to the ears. Sign up and join an integral part of DLSU Radio: Green Giant FM

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All the pretty posters and holiday greetings around the DLSU campus and on the net wouldn't be possible without our Creatives team! They pour all that creative juice into blank canvasses and voila!!! Out comes artistic perfection! So next time you see a poster in DLSU or on your Newsfeed, you got the creatives members to thank right there.

DLSU Radio Green Giant FM isn't just an inanimate voice on the air! You can actually see the DJs in person or on stage as they host events and/or parties! So head over to our Contact Us! page for marketing or events requests.

DLSU Radio Green Giant FM: WHERE DOCUMENTATION ISN'T BORING. Nuff said. Period.

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